Wednesday, December 29, 2010


maybe am a closet no..
not in a naughty way but a sad way...

i dont understand why sometimes i do things which i know would eventually irritate or annoy me...its in my hands to make the choice, since i have already made the decision to walk away & stay why do i do it?

maybe because i have not forgiven n forgotten despite my claims of such actions...
maybe i need a constant reminder of her actions which would fuel me to strive harder in life (?)
but am i that kind of person...the kind of person who needs to prove myself to the world?
i tell the world am not...but am i?

i cant deny to myself that i have had active imaginations of us meeting & i am at position to be envied.. secret desire is now unveiled...
my wish to be envied by her who i have a distaste for just going to pray 'nasty me' stops showing its ugly head with the help of new year & presence of wonderful,positive friends like neenu and nunna in bali =)

*prays hard*

Friday, November 12, 2010


if there is something which has constantly been on my mind for some time *apart from my significant other* is the fact that as much as it is important to give,it is equally important to receive.

just like the laws of karma & newton, evrything requires an equal and opposite reaction. example here is give and take.

most of us like to give & experience the joy of giving things or actions of goodwill to others. it creates a warm,tingly fuzzy feeling inside of us which is why we enjoy doing it.

no one likes a freeloader and no one wants to be a freeloader, so which is why people always return favors or do good things in return to us.which is why friends celebrate birthdays, save a seat in class, let u copy their work, take care of when ur sick, buy u ur favorite meal out of the blue & stuff.

acts of kindness & gestures of goodwill must always be appreciated coz no one likes to feel unappreciated or as if the the trouble they went through was all in vain.

so the next time,someone does something nice for ya...let it be family,friend or any random stranger..please do smile and say thank you, for that alone will make up for all their efforts for you...afterall they are doing it out of what is so hard in showing some in return?

my dearest dearies...
my bestfriends who always make feel at home *rash, kalai, adam, jivan, prash* who organised my belated "surprise"birthday party*
simar, dinesh, and kumz for being a big part in it, making it even more meaningful
my sweet housemates who went through much trouble for the earlier party complete with hostel baked cake *sham, betsy, theiva, menaga, punitha, jia yee, jasmine, pik yin, shangari*
vaish, naihui, punitha nunna, neenu, beebu & sha 'lil flower' with their much thoughtful gifts & every other individual who wished me...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


this is such a funny site to kill time,if ur kinda humor is not PC and witty. enjoy
the month rainy days and cloudy skies...
its been 10 days into november & the feelings of deja vu are stronger...
my birthday -my belated 'surprise' bday party which is in the works =p
you just know, i know ;)
the crazies which happen with deepavali *mad caper of shopping,cooking,nutty relatives,fireworks*
the looming exams & the familiar tug in heart every time i think of home...
guess i just gotta fight em sleep fairies off & be friendly with my notes =)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

prash's patter

dinesh : dei,i saw a fairlady parked outside the admin the other day & a chinese girl was walking away from it..wonder who owns the fairlady?

prash : the cafeteria aunty la...

dinesh : no la..cannot be...

prash : ya la...she is the only fairlady i know

everyone else.........=.=

this just proves what a colorist prasyaanth is. tsk tsk...


king's cup..
the first time i heard of this was at party couple years ago...
sounded n looked a whole lot fun but i was not a part of it then.

its a game which gets everyone drinking & tipsy fast..naughty eh?
it is and it is quite fun..what isn't when people are drunk? =p

so nyway..
last monday we played king's cup after visiting jivan from the hospital *he was admitted due to a bad episode of food poisoning*
the we here is, adam,kalai,prash,nitz,rash n yours truly =)

there was a lil twist this time,
since most of the 'we' are non-alco drinkers we decided to play with non alcoholic drinks like iced tea, teh O limau, coffee, kiwi juice, apple juice...u get my drift..

laughing at us are you?
well it was worse than any episode involving alcohol coz we were bloated and sick by the end of the game...why?
try downing cups of iced tea & coffee one after another...n u will know =.=

despite the after was FUN!!
we laughed hysterically like always...prash's name was roti, kalai's was ponnu n den christened again by prash to ponnu pandi, adam was #2...

well m definitely looking forward to another episode of KING'S CUP but these time with the proper beverages of course ;)

ps.thank u for the beautiful saturday morning by the jetty

Monday, October 4, 2010

tak suka!!

one of the most frustrating thing is when you are awfully annoyed with someone & your hell bent in ignoring them, they have no idea that you are.
ur mind is filled with scenes when that they came around trying to win your affection or seek comfort in your company and you admonish them with witty,clever yet painful puns which strikes their heart & they regret being mean to you.
ahhhh...the sweet taste of revenge...
but right now,
u just feel like an idiot,coz the other person is idyllically blissful with no knowledge of ur fuming stomach combustion...

revenge fail.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

the cadbury connection

i was standing in a line to pay for my cadbury boost
a dude who was getting an ice cream, saw my boost...
he abandoned the ice cream..
looked at me n smiled & got himself a boost as well =D

now if this was an add, it would have ended with us walking together enjoying our boost =p
but its real life instead of reel so we just smiled and walked away

chocolate lovers utd!

*sugar rush*

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

for the 100th time

i have pulled it off so many times, that i actually lost count. estimating it to be 100 might be stretching wee bit far but that is the number of times i have forgotten my keys to the main door in hostel n have ended climbing in through the window.

if they have cat woman audition in Malaysia i should definitely try *might get disqualified for the slightly unsightly bulges when i wear the leather suit though*

today's entry is a lesson on how to climb in to the hostel,without keys =)

1)leave expensive hand phones outside the unbudging door
2)hold on to the cylindrical metal bar, hoist self up using the dumpster as foot hold.
3)once seated on the metal bar, get down slowly & be careful not to step on any of the nasties *bird poop,insects*
4)walk quickly & quietly on the banister,avoid self from being noticed by guards who might think ur burglar,rapist etc.
5)climb on the window sill,hoist self up while holding on to the window panel on to *this is my scary bit coz m always worried it might give way under my weight- thus far it has always been supportive-* did i mention of holding the flip flops in one hand coz the first thing my feet will come into contact is the couch & i dont wanna soil it
6)take care when transitioning self from outside to inside coz there's always a possibility of bumping head on the metal panel *i have not been lucky in this*
7)land on the couch safely =) tadaaaa~
8)feel proud,open door,retrieve hand phone,chastise self for forgetting keys

Sunday, September 19, 2010

i had an awesome weekend. it did not involve any island retreat,dancing,booze or shopping but it had my bestfriends. girls who are my friends despite the distance & time spent apart. girls who love me, like me, care for my safety n existence, who would go an extra mile for me ( like cancelling a date with her muse...muahahahahaha *srry nunna,i cldnt resist but now i know u LOVE ME MORE! )

Saturday, September 11, 2010


it should have been a weekend of filled with assignments...
but do ever things go as planned...=.=

spend the weekend shifting,cleaning stuff from the old house to the new house & did lots of traveling *not the fun kind*

tomorrow's mission,settle the sorting out of stuff & work on the assignment.

akan ku berusaha.amen

Sunday, September 5, 2010

before she arrives

when i was younger, i dreaded that monthly visits by my aunt in red...i found 'her' such a nuisance.
now,i wait for her arrival *no,i have not been naughty...yet ;) *
coz now its easier being with her rather than suffering that 'confusion-depression-frustration-physical anomalies-cravings' which occur before her arrival...
enough of stupid cryptic language...I HATE PMS.
i think i hate it more than most men do.


they all think that women use it as an excuse to get away with acting up. I don't know most women but am speaking for myself, if i knew i way to avoid i would most certainly do. coz it causes me to be temperamental, fussy, sensitive, judgmental & whole lot of other uncool things which i dont like to be. its either i go on a verbal diarrhea or i have nothing to say. grrrrrrr!

worst part is, it affects the people i'm closest with like family, bestfriends, housemates. the thing is like everyone else, they have their flaws & peculiar habits which makes them the person they are & when i'm pms'ing my tolerance for that is so much lower when at other times i'm insignificantly affected.sigggghhhhhh

that aside,
pms also causes severe confusion.confusion over life & its directions, our principles, our significant others. we end up having so much of questions & since this questions dont have answers *or at least not at the moment* we get more annoyed, upset & angry.

there is the crying, bloating, abnormal sense of fullness of certain body parts * not in reference to the food in ramdan bazaar* & back aches.

i admire girls who can handle all of it, some are just plain lucky coz they dont get any of the 'symptoms' while others are just awesome-ly lasak. But wusses like me, we are flawed. bear with us as we do with you.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

hope & love

12 hours on the road,
12 hours with you,
the memory of your smile,
etched in my mind,
the scent of your skin,
lingers on my shirt,
the taste of your lips,
never seem to fade
your teasing words,
words of comfort,
words of hope,
my hand in yours,
our fingers entwined,
i shall wait for our lives,
to share the fate of our fingers.

Monday, August 30, 2010

puritan for the day

31 august...
national independence day...

there is so much of furor and hungama going on outside & my roomies were quite surprised on why i'm not out there coz usually im one of the first to be out for an event or party.

thing it is not any event or party,its merdeka countdown..technically merdeka celebration. a celebration of OUR country's independence...then why the hell is a dance floor organised after the countdown with everyone gyrating away on the roads of the university.

if any random shot were taken, it can be clearly be mistook as street party during new year or better still thaipusam at penang (considering the number of Indians)

now now...m not being purist, i admit being rebellious towards rules & i'm always ready for a party but not for this reason. i think the reason behind this very event has been clearly overshadowed by all the unrelated program line up like the dance floor, the pageant and a couple of other stuff...

its merdeka celebration la...
where are all the flags??
where were the patriotic songs?? i only heard bout 2-3 once the clock struck 12
which particular event showcased love towards the country or tolerance??
(the mini sketch of 2 dudes & multiple hot babes of diff race dancing to hindi & korean songs?)
it is suppose to instill patriotism n love for country la,wei...

i'm not against partying but there is definitely a time and place for everything...merdeka celebration in the campus is NOT!

& how bout the muslims??
although their number is relatively small compared to the others but considerate la sikit...
it ramdan & its such a significant month for them as it involves much prayer and abstinence...
i can only imagine the thoughts running in their mind now...DUGAAN!

right now,
i truly miss my merdeka celebration in KMPP, there was singing...there was dancing...there were friends & most important of all i felt Malaysian

Friday, August 27, 2010

'the number you have dialled cannot be reached at the moment.please try again later.'

question is when is later actually?5 minutes, a couple of hours, a day or two??
i don't know & i'm vexed.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


if i believe that pigs can fly...den its a truth for me...
as ridiculous it may sound...that's how most things work...
it's all in our mind & how we perceive things & the people around us

how my friend,family or life is treating me all depends on how I want to see it as...
so in order for me to be happy & drama free...i have to believe in it first & perception is the key...

sounds pretty delusional,kan??
oh well at least I'm not being a sourpuss & whining...
m trying...
lets just believe it may work...

dedicated to my muse..

Monday, August 16, 2010

back in campus...=)

after my previous whiny mood was immediately altered as a dear friend surprised me at the bus station by suddenly appearing to send me off..
i cant believe it has been more than a year since v last met,he is still tall n lean but fairer and definitely more confident & sarcastic ;)
it was an eye opener seeing him...for i felt like a brat complaining bout studying when he is pursuing his dream despite the possible setbacks with much optimism..
adam idy razlan,
u will always be a wonderful friend & my inspiration at times i feel like giving up =)
thank you for the wonderful gift & as always u have made me smile & my day =)

upon reaching my room in campus,
it felt as if I never left but the dust bunnies under my bed & sha told me a different story alltogether.
sha said, I have been gone so long that the black cat with white socks had kittens & is expecting all over again...hmmmm...
but some things have changed...
everything seems to be falling apart in the apartment, the shower stand dropped, the sink makes weird sounds & water regurgitates from the bottom *YIKES*
high time to pay visit to the warden & make official complaints...

first day of class started as expected,
i was late as i do not fail at being late surprises me..

the last class of the day was pharmaceutical biotechnology & it was taken by the dean himself. he is nice round jolly kind of man but then again he is still THE DEAN & don't want to mess around in his class but how am i to control my loud guffaws when he keeps saying 'patatoes...patatoes...patatoes' arggghhhh!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


belum mandi...belum habis pack...need to leave in about half an hour...
what is wrong??i dont wanna leave my comfort zone...that is the problem..
back to classes...late nights...early morning rushes...unfinished assignments...undone tutorials...broken resolutions....sighhhhh...
what is the point of making promises when we keep breaking them?
will this time around be any different?maybe...not..

Thursday, August 12, 2010


back in the days,chivalry was associated with knights & their its associated with courteous behavior towards women by men. i guess it's desirable quality as females have always dreamt of a knight in a shining armor to save them at dire times.

we often hear the complaints of our female counterparts that chivalry is dead & I used to be one of the many who had such complaints till recently. i was in a crowded KTM ladies coach with 2 HEAVY travelling bags. as usual there was dudes in the ladies coach,i dont mind them really but it totally irks me when these men are so comfortably seated when there are many ladies with bags & children standing. dude!!u were not even suppose to be on the coach in the first place,remove ur heavy bum from the seat & offer it to a woman *ke-pissed-off-an*

on that day,while i was busy chastising these inconsiderate testosterone charged beings, a dude got up & offered me a seat. i was surprised,but the surprise does not end there. when i reached my stop, without saying a word he carried my bag & gave it to me at the platform. all i could do was smile n mouth thank you. we walked towards the escalator & i was having trouble maneuvering the trolley bag & this time around his friend helps me. this time around, when i said thank you,they handed me a card stating that one of them was deaf & the other was mute. i was speechless. said my thank you's & goodbye's by sign language to both Lim & Kee Ann *it was on the card*

as i was walking away, i could help but to think why girls make a big deal bout guys being chivalrous. as much as we hate to admit it,we like being treated well like pretty dainty fragile crystal flowers & when dudes act all chivalrous that is the feeling we get & we like it. but for a dude to treat a girl in such way shouldn't she give out that impression in the first place? we have girls insisting that they perfectly alright in all circumstances & that they don't need men for anything..even sex for the matter =p

so why would a guy go all the way out helping a girl when she refuses to be helped?he wouldn't as there is no reason for him to do so. now now...don't think i`m against female empowerment and all that, i'm not. i'm just saying, if u want him to open the door just fall a back a few steps before the door & when he opens it for you smile & say 'thank you' instead of 'i got it' or worse 'u dont have too' or worst still start an argument about how your just as good as him at opening doors..=.=

babes,some guys are well mannered coz their mummies thought them well so if u come across the nice ones, do be nice to them as well, do not give them an experience which will stop them from being a gentleman ever. we have too few of them nyway...& guys please do try being a knight...well at least to me ;)

Sunday, August 1, 2010


pay is in...lalalalalalalaalalalalala =D

all that irrational conversations & being spoken to like I killed their puppy paid off....
i got my pay..OH YEAH!!
it was a day late but it came...*happy dance moves*

sadly,nunna had to go back the day it came so couldn't spend it with her...but she is back now & n the weekend is just 5 days away...nyehehehehehehehe

what did i do the day after i got my pay...i ponteng kerja coz i overslept =.=
so my weekend with rash started earlier...
things i did
  • had to get MC for the day i missed since my TL insisted i get one,rash dropped me off at a clinic while she bought dinner...I had to lie through my teeth & smile my way into a getting an MC *i know he knew that i was spinning a yarn nyway*
  • had 2 good nights of sleep.......zzZZZZZZZzzzzZZZZ =D
  • went shopping the next day & leevanea joined kinda sale is a sale when the prices are hiked & then discounted?? O.o
  • but still we managed to get sm nice YAY to that!!
  • rash & I self praised ourselves abt being responsible with money & not being impulsive but i had to spoil it at the end of the day with extra 2 sudden purchases =S of which i am so happy with =p
  • rushed home as soon as we could but were still late & dreaded the wrath of angry,hungry parents but all was well =)

dei rash...
i love ur room...i love ur bed...i love ur wardrobe...i love u...marry me la..
bt seriously her rumah is comfy,simple & just absolutely home-y...haihhhhhhhhhhhhhh

ohhh...i almost forgot..
a dude followed me from one platform to another, to ask me stuff like why was I using the stairs instead of esclators & could he have my number....while rash & I were rushing like mad to get ourselves on time..wierd much O.o
so nyway this dude only left when rash approached the police officer by the tracks...she wanted to know where the train was travelling & he ran for his life thinking we were making a complaint =p

so long for now...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


the awful sore throat n whopping cough did 1 good thing...i managed to get an MC *poyo*
so here i am...enjoying solitude, listening to songs & watching trailers...
i admit i am a bum but today m just happy being that...
thinking of cooking something later for nunna...wonder if she fancies chicken sambal n rice?
will call patti sometime later to get proper instructions...dont want my roomie to sakit perut later...=p
bye from bummer of the day =D

Saturday, July 3, 2010


a couple of days back, nunna bumped into a double parked black Estima which kinda appeared from thin air while reversing from her parking spot =.= there was a mini crater like dent on his bumper, there was no one at the driver's seat, his wife & kid(s) were in tho..she(the wife) called him(driver/husband) who came over. by the time he got over, the dent was no longer a mini crater but just a dent quite invisible to the eye..IT WAS A MIRACLE!! so they exchanged numbers & decided to settle it without involving the law...
all was almost forgotten till nunna received a phone call today morning, he quoted the price for the damage sustained n we were stunned!! RM500 for knocking & repainting or RM1000 for changing the bumper...but but but there was no longer a mini crater...& in my head i was thinking kan the car magically inflated why the big deal,ryte??wrong.. =(
nunn's (dats nunna btw) told him why dont we consult my mechanic instead so she gave him directions to her mechanic's,so we got ready and left...we kept getting calls from him updating us about his whereabouts but it was odd as the place he was describing was not quite where we were...
so after much circling around & calls,we realized he was in usj19 & we were in SS19...*a kuan kuan kuan moment*
nyway they talked it over the phone & cme to a settlement...which i personally feel is unfair to her...

the title of this post is accidents,so there is more...
next in line was my own personal experience which happened yday morning when chris dropped me off at usual we were late despite leaving the home early, it was probably due to we only followed nunna's first part of directions =p
*note to self : remind him of nunna's route to work*
the turning that we need to make to get to my office was hogged by cars, so i decided to get down there itself..before leaving i hugged him & the car behind us honked loudly causing me to quickly grab my bag & open the car door..BIG MISTAKE!!!
there was a motorist weaving his way through at the precise moment n the car door hit him actually it her ( the pillion). i was shell shocked, the dude on the bike stopped,started yelling & even banged his fists on the window. chris got down & they both got onto a heated argument which involved alot of shoving,hurls of profanities, shirt grabbing & loud angry men voices...all things which i am absolutely terrified of. i got down & apologized to both him & his fiancee ( the pilion ) but he was not satisfied. a traffic police came, he just told 'em to quit fighting & make a report & drove off (wth!!) the arguing escalated to the middle of the road while i was sobbing with the girl & apologizing profusely. somewhere midst of all that yelling, i heard him saying 'aku nak duit klinik'. i immediately took my purse out & offered my final RM50 note i had with me..she was tearing but refused to take the money. all she said, ' its 9.15 now, im already late..i have to go to work' at some point,chris cme over grabbed me by the shoulders & asked me to leave so i left but crying all the way. i called nunna n asked her to met me at the ladies on the 16th floor. she was there, when i got there & after telling her the mini drama which took place,she calmed me down & asked me to get myself together n get my bum to the training room & that she would go down n check on chris if he was still around.

i went to the training room & someone cme in saying 15 mis break so texted him found out he was still there so quickly headed down again. there he was talking & smiling to nunna. i was so relieved & nunna told me she found him hugging the boy! WTFH??!! and he regaled me his diplomatic talking skills & of how they parted with hugs. i guess the only thing missing was the air kisses =.= but yet nevertheless i was happy the argument didn't escalate into a fist fight or something worse...
however though, i was down & yes my supposedly fun & frolicking friday was just a fu*ked one for i am a true believer of ur morning influences the rest of ur day.

i fumbled & panicked while answering calls for the first time & got yelled at again *this time by a man all the way from australia =.=*

found out that choo met with an accident as well the day before =(

brazil lost...srry appa & srry nunna =(

oh well...
im just glad today was uneventful & lets just hope it stays like that for awhile..
i need a drink..

PS. m missing anak en anthony very much...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

In a week =)

here i am sitting on nunna's chair writing this post =)
so much has happened since the last entry.

For starters, I gt the job..teeeheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!~
currently its just training n learning the ropes of it...tad a bit boring but I am not complaining =D
& due to my current employment, I am now staying with nunna!!
nunna ku sayang,
i shall try to be a good child ;)

highlights of the week

1. Times square
it was so much of fun, till laavanya & I started puking =( i never knew i had motion sickness till then or maybe I'm just getting too old for this things =.=
i remember jivan telling me he puked after the DNA Mixer, I on the other hand was in actual physical pain due to it...pain!! despite all the complaints above, I had fun. The rides, the yummy Thai food,the public transport adventure =p, the pretty sights we enjoyed & the best bit was the accessory shop!! They were pretty,unique & CHEAP!! Spoiled for choice & trying to exercise some financial control over my spendings, I sat on the floor picking out the pieces I wanted. I must say, I'm really happy with 'em =D

2. Puppies!!
across the street to the place i work, there is a pet shop. i have always noticed this place & always stand by the window to watch the puppies. The other day, I decided to take a look in & boy, I'm glad i did. I spend almost 45 minutes just playing with em. There was a pair of golden retrievers and they were so naughty for they kept tugging & biting on Chris's sweater, the guy who works there told me they are teething. I was never much of small dogs fan, but a there Pomeranian puppy stole my heart.*sigh*

3. date =D
After work, he picked me up & suggested a movie & meal. Me being the kampung I am, wanted lakes,parks & beaches =.= He said, its Friday evening & the roads would be bad & parks at night would be a bad idea. I pouted. He pouted more. So after dinner, he had an idea but refused to tell me. We drove a long way & with the help of GPS, we reached Ampang Viewpoint. I was mesmerized, the view up there is absolutely breathtaking. *sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* Do wear something warm though coz it might get a lil chilly & the restaurants are abit pricey but its alright to indulge once in a while,kan? =) ps. iheartu
there are more stories but i want a drink so off i go...bubbye =)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

First =)

first post =)

lets start it with a happy,cheerful note.
I had a great time the other day. It just totally blows your mind away when things happen out of the blue & in it's in favor of you. *teeeeheeeeeeeeee~~~*
3 days back when the skies seemed gray, I received a phone call asking me to come in for an interview which cheered me up to no end as i was missing a dear someone immensely and was making some naughty devious plans to get the person over. *winks*

Interview did not go as planned but time spend with my favorite(s) has me smiling ever since. If there is one individual who deserves all the praise for making it happen has to be,Nunna. Babe, thank you so much, I love thee with all my heart. Because without her, I would not have known about the job, got called for the interview, had a place to stay over & received my much needed dose of Cristo.

One of the silly things which happened was Nunna's coworker making fun of my name. He heard me right the first the time but deliberately called me with all kinds of other names like shamila,sunita,shanita,shakila *wth* =.= but to top it all of was when he finally got it right he told his other friend that my name is sangeetha ' its like the past tense of sing + guitar' & he continued on asking me whether I could sing or play the guitar and when i said no, he said ' then why on earth is your name is shangeetha?'

arrgghhhh....such swt moment,
dear edison aka ah beng, u have made quite an impression.

Lets put people who make fun of names aside,
a special thanks goes to Aveenu, who went throught trouble to prepare food for us. Though i did not finish it up, it was sedaaaaaaaaap & reminded me of the times I come over to your apartment to be fed,cheered up, & fixed whenever I'm messed up =D & Neenu, I have your pocket file with me will return it the next time i see you. *which i hope will be soon*

till the the next one comes along...hugs & kisses!!