Sunday, August 1, 2010


pay is in...lalalalalalalaalalalalala =D

all that irrational conversations & being spoken to like I killed their puppy paid off....
i got my pay..OH YEAH!!
it was a day late but it came...*happy dance moves*

sadly,nunna had to go back the day it came so couldn't spend it with her...but she is back now & n the weekend is just 5 days away...nyehehehehehehehe

what did i do the day after i got my pay...i ponteng kerja coz i overslept =.=
so my weekend with rash started earlier...
things i did
  • had to get MC for the day i missed since my TL insisted i get one,rash dropped me off at a clinic while she bought dinner...I had to lie through my teeth & smile my way into a getting an MC *i know he knew that i was spinning a yarn nyway*
  • had 2 good nights of sleep.......zzZZZZZZZzzzzZZZZ =D
  • went shopping the next day & leevanea joined kinda sale is a sale when the prices are hiked & then discounted?? O.o
  • but still we managed to get sm nice YAY to that!!
  • rash & I self praised ourselves abt being responsible with money & not being impulsive but i had to spoil it at the end of the day with extra 2 sudden purchases =S of which i am so happy with =p
  • rushed home as soon as we could but were still late & dreaded the wrath of angry,hungry parents but all was well =)

dei rash...
i love ur room...i love ur bed...i love ur wardrobe...i love u...marry me la..
bt seriously her rumah is comfy,simple & just absolutely home-y...haihhhhhhhhhhhhhh

ohhh...i almost forgot..
a dude followed me from one platform to another, to ask me stuff like why was I using the stairs instead of esclators & could he have my number....while rash & I were rushing like mad to get ourselves on time..wierd much O.o
so nyway this dude only left when rash approached the police officer by the tracks...she wanted to know where the train was travelling & he ran for his life thinking we were making a complaint =p

so long for now...

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  1. u forgot the police checking part!!! u have saved me LIFE!!!!!thankyuuuu !!!