Monday, August 16, 2010

back in campus...=)

after my previous whiny mood was immediately altered as a dear friend surprised me at the bus station by suddenly appearing to send me off..
i cant believe it has been more than a year since v last met,he is still tall n lean but fairer and definitely more confident & sarcastic ;)
it was an eye opener seeing him...for i felt like a brat complaining bout studying when he is pursuing his dream despite the possible setbacks with much optimism..
adam idy razlan,
u will always be a wonderful friend & my inspiration at times i feel like giving up =)
thank you for the wonderful gift & as always u have made me smile & my day =)

upon reaching my room in campus,
it felt as if I never left but the dust bunnies under my bed & sha told me a different story alltogether.
sha said, I have been gone so long that the black cat with white socks had kittens & is expecting all over again...hmmmm...
but some things have changed...
everything seems to be falling apart in the apartment, the shower stand dropped, the sink makes weird sounds & water regurgitates from the bottom *YIKES*
high time to pay visit to the warden & make official complaints...

first day of class started as expected,
i was late as i do not fail at being late surprises me..

the last class of the day was pharmaceutical biotechnology & it was taken by the dean himself. he is nice round jolly kind of man but then again he is still THE DEAN & don't want to mess around in his class but how am i to control my loud guffaws when he keeps saying 'patatoes...patatoes...patatoes' arggghhhh!!

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