Sunday, June 27, 2010

In a week =)

here i am sitting on nunna's chair writing this post =)
so much has happened since the last entry.

For starters, I gt the job..teeeheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!~
currently its just training n learning the ropes of it...tad a bit boring but I am not complaining =D
& due to my current employment, I am now staying with nunna!!
nunna ku sayang,
i shall try to be a good child ;)

highlights of the week

1. Times square
it was so much of fun, till laavanya & I started puking =( i never knew i had motion sickness till then or maybe I'm just getting too old for this things =.=
i remember jivan telling me he puked after the DNA Mixer, I on the other hand was in actual physical pain due to it...pain!! despite all the complaints above, I had fun. The rides, the yummy Thai food,the public transport adventure =p, the pretty sights we enjoyed & the best bit was the accessory shop!! They were pretty,unique & CHEAP!! Spoiled for choice & trying to exercise some financial control over my spendings, I sat on the floor picking out the pieces I wanted. I must say, I'm really happy with 'em =D

2. Puppies!!
across the street to the place i work, there is a pet shop. i have always noticed this place & always stand by the window to watch the puppies. The other day, I decided to take a look in & boy, I'm glad i did. I spend almost 45 minutes just playing with em. There was a pair of golden retrievers and they were so naughty for they kept tugging & biting on Chris's sweater, the guy who works there told me they are teething. I was never much of small dogs fan, but a there Pomeranian puppy stole my heart.*sigh*

3. date =D
After work, he picked me up & suggested a movie & meal. Me being the kampung I am, wanted lakes,parks & beaches =.= He said, its Friday evening & the roads would be bad & parks at night would be a bad idea. I pouted. He pouted more. So after dinner, he had an idea but refused to tell me. We drove a long way & with the help of GPS, we reached Ampang Viewpoint. I was mesmerized, the view up there is absolutely breathtaking. *sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* Do wear something warm though coz it might get a lil chilly & the restaurants are abit pricey but its alright to indulge once in a while,kan? =) ps. iheartu
there are more stories but i want a drink so off i go...bubbye =)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

First =)

first post =)

lets start it with a happy,cheerful note.
I had a great time the other day. It just totally blows your mind away when things happen out of the blue & in it's in favor of you. *teeeeheeeeeeeeee~~~*
3 days back when the skies seemed gray, I received a phone call asking me to come in for an interview which cheered me up to no end as i was missing a dear someone immensely and was making some naughty devious plans to get the person over. *winks*

Interview did not go as planned but time spend with my favorite(s) has me smiling ever since. If there is one individual who deserves all the praise for making it happen has to be,Nunna. Babe, thank you so much, I love thee with all my heart. Because without her, I would not have known about the job, got called for the interview, had a place to stay over & received my much needed dose of Cristo.

One of the silly things which happened was Nunna's coworker making fun of my name. He heard me right the first the time but deliberately called me with all kinds of other names like shamila,sunita,shanita,shakila *wth* =.= but to top it all of was when he finally got it right he told his other friend that my name is sangeetha ' its like the past tense of sing + guitar' & he continued on asking me whether I could sing or play the guitar and when i said no, he said ' then why on earth is your name is shangeetha?'

arrgghhhh....such swt moment,
dear edison aka ah beng, u have made quite an impression.

Lets put people who make fun of names aside,
a special thanks goes to Aveenu, who went throught trouble to prepare food for us. Though i did not finish it up, it was sedaaaaaaaaap & reminded me of the times I come over to your apartment to be fed,cheered up, & fixed whenever I'm messed up =D & Neenu, I have your pocket file with me will return it the next time i see you. *which i hope will be soon*

till the the next one comes along...hugs & kisses!!