Sunday, June 27, 2010

In a week =)

here i am sitting on nunna's chair writing this post =)
so much has happened since the last entry.

For starters, I gt the job..teeeheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!~
currently its just training n learning the ropes of it...tad a bit boring but I am not complaining =D
& due to my current employment, I am now staying with nunna!!
nunna ku sayang,
i shall try to be a good child ;)

highlights of the week

1. Times square
it was so much of fun, till laavanya & I started puking =( i never knew i had motion sickness till then or maybe I'm just getting too old for this things =.=
i remember jivan telling me he puked after the DNA Mixer, I on the other hand was in actual physical pain due to it...pain!! despite all the complaints above, I had fun. The rides, the yummy Thai food,the public transport adventure =p, the pretty sights we enjoyed & the best bit was the accessory shop!! They were pretty,unique & CHEAP!! Spoiled for choice & trying to exercise some financial control over my spendings, I sat on the floor picking out the pieces I wanted. I must say, I'm really happy with 'em =D

2. Puppies!!
across the street to the place i work, there is a pet shop. i have always noticed this place & always stand by the window to watch the puppies. The other day, I decided to take a look in & boy, I'm glad i did. I spend almost 45 minutes just playing with em. There was a pair of golden retrievers and they were so naughty for they kept tugging & biting on Chris's sweater, the guy who works there told me they are teething. I was never much of small dogs fan, but a there Pomeranian puppy stole my heart.*sigh*

3. date =D
After work, he picked me up & suggested a movie & meal. Me being the kampung I am, wanted lakes,parks & beaches =.= He said, its Friday evening & the roads would be bad & parks at night would be a bad idea. I pouted. He pouted more. So after dinner, he had an idea but refused to tell me. We drove a long way & with the help of GPS, we reached Ampang Viewpoint. I was mesmerized, the view up there is absolutely breathtaking. *sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* Do wear something warm though coz it might get a lil chilly & the restaurants are abit pricey but its alright to indulge once in a while,kan? =) ps. iheartu
there are more stories but i want a drink so off i go...bubbye =)

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