Saturday, July 3, 2010


a couple of days back, nunna bumped into a double parked black Estima which kinda appeared from thin air while reversing from her parking spot =.= there was a mini crater like dent on his bumper, there was no one at the driver's seat, his wife & kid(s) were in tho..she(the wife) called him(driver/husband) who came over. by the time he got over, the dent was no longer a mini crater but just a dent quite invisible to the eye..IT WAS A MIRACLE!! so they exchanged numbers & decided to settle it without involving the law...
all was almost forgotten till nunna received a phone call today morning, he quoted the price for the damage sustained n we were stunned!! RM500 for knocking & repainting or RM1000 for changing the bumper...but but but there was no longer a mini crater...& in my head i was thinking kan the car magically inflated why the big deal,ryte??wrong.. =(
nunn's (dats nunna btw) told him why dont we consult my mechanic instead so she gave him directions to her mechanic's,so we got ready and left...we kept getting calls from him updating us about his whereabouts but it was odd as the place he was describing was not quite where we were...
so after much circling around & calls,we realized he was in usj19 & we were in SS19...*a kuan kuan kuan moment*
nyway they talked it over the phone & cme to a settlement...which i personally feel is unfair to her...

the title of this post is accidents,so there is more...
next in line was my own personal experience which happened yday morning when chris dropped me off at usual we were late despite leaving the home early, it was probably due to we only followed nunna's first part of directions =p
*note to self : remind him of nunna's route to work*
the turning that we need to make to get to my office was hogged by cars, so i decided to get down there itself..before leaving i hugged him & the car behind us honked loudly causing me to quickly grab my bag & open the car door..BIG MISTAKE!!!
there was a motorist weaving his way through at the precise moment n the car door hit him actually it her ( the pillion). i was shell shocked, the dude on the bike stopped,started yelling & even banged his fists on the window. chris got down & they both got onto a heated argument which involved alot of shoving,hurls of profanities, shirt grabbing & loud angry men voices...all things which i am absolutely terrified of. i got down & apologized to both him & his fiancee ( the pilion ) but he was not satisfied. a traffic police came, he just told 'em to quit fighting & make a report & drove off (wth!!) the arguing escalated to the middle of the road while i was sobbing with the girl & apologizing profusely. somewhere midst of all that yelling, i heard him saying 'aku nak duit klinik'. i immediately took my purse out & offered my final RM50 note i had with me..she was tearing but refused to take the money. all she said, ' its 9.15 now, im already late..i have to go to work' at some point,chris cme over grabbed me by the shoulders & asked me to leave so i left but crying all the way. i called nunna n asked her to met me at the ladies on the 16th floor. she was there, when i got there & after telling her the mini drama which took place,she calmed me down & asked me to get myself together n get my bum to the training room & that she would go down n check on chris if he was still around.

i went to the training room & someone cme in saying 15 mis break so texted him found out he was still there so quickly headed down again. there he was talking & smiling to nunna. i was so relieved & nunna told me she found him hugging the boy! WTFH??!! and he regaled me his diplomatic talking skills & of how they parted with hugs. i guess the only thing missing was the air kisses =.= but yet nevertheless i was happy the argument didn't escalate into a fist fight or something worse...
however though, i was down & yes my supposedly fun & frolicking friday was just a fu*ked one for i am a true believer of ur morning influences the rest of ur day.

i fumbled & panicked while answering calls for the first time & got yelled at again *this time by a man all the way from australia =.=*

found out that choo met with an accident as well the day before =(

brazil lost...srry appa & srry nunna =(

oh well...
im just glad today was uneventful & lets just hope it stays like that for awhile..
i need a drink..

PS. m missing anak en anthony very much...

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