Tuesday, January 31, 2012

locked doors.

There was once last year I was stuck in my bestie's room as the door refused to open and my date was due to arrive in 15 minutes. To cut a long story short, the date did not materialize and I was only 'saved' by bestie's brother who broke the door knob after more than an hour of lock picking. Needless to say, I was the joke of the day not just to bestie and her housemates but also my savior =.=

This year, my savior successfully locked himself out of his room but imprisoned himself within the house as the main door keys were in the room ..muahahahahaha!
If you think this is the bit where the damsel saves the day, it isnt...He was saved by the house owner.

Though I did have a good laugh ;)

she missed it.

the awkward moment when the shampoo girl is scrubbing your scalp and she keeps missing the itchy spot and by the time you muster enough strength to tell her, she says 'jom basuh' =.=