Thursday, August 12, 2010


back in the days,chivalry was associated with knights & their its associated with courteous behavior towards women by men. i guess it's desirable quality as females have always dreamt of a knight in a shining armor to save them at dire times.

we often hear the complaints of our female counterparts that chivalry is dead & I used to be one of the many who had such complaints till recently. i was in a crowded KTM ladies coach with 2 HEAVY travelling bags. as usual there was dudes in the ladies coach,i dont mind them really but it totally irks me when these men are so comfortably seated when there are many ladies with bags & children standing. dude!!u were not even suppose to be on the coach in the first place,remove ur heavy bum from the seat & offer it to a woman *ke-pissed-off-an*

on that day,while i was busy chastising these inconsiderate testosterone charged beings, a dude got up & offered me a seat. i was surprised,but the surprise does not end there. when i reached my stop, without saying a word he carried my bag & gave it to me at the platform. all i could do was smile n mouth thank you. we walked towards the escalator & i was having trouble maneuvering the trolley bag & this time around his friend helps me. this time around, when i said thank you,they handed me a card stating that one of them was deaf & the other was mute. i was speechless. said my thank you's & goodbye's by sign language to both Lim & Kee Ann *it was on the card*

as i was walking away, i could help but to think why girls make a big deal bout guys being chivalrous. as much as we hate to admit it,we like being treated well like pretty dainty fragile crystal flowers & when dudes act all chivalrous that is the feeling we get & we like it. but for a dude to treat a girl in such way shouldn't she give out that impression in the first place? we have girls insisting that they perfectly alright in all circumstances & that they don't need men for anything..even sex for the matter =p

so why would a guy go all the way out helping a girl when she refuses to be helped?he wouldn't as there is no reason for him to do so. now now...don't think i`m against female empowerment and all that, i'm not. i'm just saying, if u want him to open the door just fall a back a few steps before the door & when he opens it for you smile & say 'thank you' instead of 'i got it' or worse 'u dont have too' or worst still start an argument about how your just as good as him at opening doors..=.=

babes,some guys are well mannered coz their mummies thought them well so if u come across the nice ones, do be nice to them as well, do not give them an experience which will stop them from being a gentleman ever. we have too few of them nyway...& guys please do try being a knight...well at least to me ;)

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