Wednesday, October 20, 2010


king's cup..
the first time i heard of this was at party couple years ago...
sounded n looked a whole lot fun but i was not a part of it then.

its a game which gets everyone drinking & tipsy fast..naughty eh?
it is and it is quite fun..what isn't when people are drunk? =p

so nyway..
last monday we played king's cup after visiting jivan from the hospital *he was admitted due to a bad episode of food poisoning*
the we here is, adam,kalai,prash,nitz,rash n yours truly =)

there was a lil twist this time,
since most of the 'we' are non-alco drinkers we decided to play with non alcoholic drinks like iced tea, teh O limau, coffee, kiwi juice, apple juice...u get my drift..

laughing at us are you?
well it was worse than any episode involving alcohol coz we were bloated and sick by the end of the game...why?
try downing cups of iced tea & coffee one after another...n u will know =.=

despite the after was FUN!!
we laughed hysterically like always...prash's name was roti, kalai's was ponnu n den christened again by prash to ponnu pandi, adam was #2...

well m definitely looking forward to another episode of KING'S CUP but these time with the proper beverages of course ;)

ps.thank u for the beautiful saturday morning by the jetty

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  1. i thot the jetty they closed it edi? i mean BLM jetty...