Friday, November 12, 2010


if there is something which has constantly been on my mind for some time *apart from my significant other* is the fact that as much as it is important to give,it is equally important to receive.

just like the laws of karma & newton, evrything requires an equal and opposite reaction. example here is give and take.

most of us like to give & experience the joy of giving things or actions of goodwill to others. it creates a warm,tingly fuzzy feeling inside of us which is why we enjoy doing it.

no one likes a freeloader and no one wants to be a freeloader, so which is why people always return favors or do good things in return to us.which is why friends celebrate birthdays, save a seat in class, let u copy their work, take care of when ur sick, buy u ur favorite meal out of the blue & stuff.

acts of kindness & gestures of goodwill must always be appreciated coz no one likes to feel unappreciated or as if the the trouble they went through was all in vain.

so the next time,someone does something nice for ya...let it be family,friend or any random stranger..please do smile and say thank you, for that alone will make up for all their efforts for you...afterall they are doing it out of what is so hard in showing some in return?

my dearest dearies...
my bestfriends who always make feel at home *rash, kalai, adam, jivan, prash* who organised my belated "surprise"birthday party*
simar, dinesh, and kumz for being a big part in it, making it even more meaningful
my sweet housemates who went through much trouble for the earlier party complete with hostel baked cake *sham, betsy, theiva, menaga, punitha, jia yee, jasmine, pik yin, shangari*
vaish, naihui, punitha nunna, neenu, beebu & sha 'lil flower' with their much thoughtful gifts & every other individual who wished me...

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