Tuesday, September 28, 2010

for the 100th time

i have pulled it off so many times, that i actually lost count. estimating it to be 100 might be stretching wee bit far but that is the number of times i have forgotten my keys to the main door in hostel n have ended climbing in through the window.

if they have cat woman audition in Malaysia i should definitely try *might get disqualified for the slightly unsightly bulges when i wear the leather suit though*

today's entry is a lesson on how to climb in to the hostel,without keys =)

1)leave expensive hand phones outside the unbudging door
2)hold on to the cylindrical metal bar, hoist self up using the dumpster as foot hold.
3)once seated on the metal bar, get down slowly & be careful not to step on any of the nasties *bird poop,insects*
4)walk quickly & quietly on the banister,avoid self from being noticed by guards who might think ur burglar,rapist etc.
5)climb on the window sill,hoist self up while holding on to the window panel on to *this is my scary bit coz m always worried it might give way under my weight- thus far it has always been supportive-* did i mention of holding the flip flops in one hand coz the first thing my feet will come into contact is the couch & i dont wanna soil it
6)take care when transitioning self from outside to inside coz there's always a possibility of bumping head on the metal panel *i have not been lucky in this*
7)land on the couch safely =) tadaaaa~
8)feel proud,open door,retrieve hand phone,chastise self for forgetting keys

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  1. saya sangat bangga dengan pencapaian anda...=P