Sunday, September 5, 2010

before she arrives

when i was younger, i dreaded that monthly visits by my aunt in red...i found 'her' such a nuisance.
now,i wait for her arrival *no,i have not been naughty...yet ;) *
coz now its easier being with her rather than suffering that 'confusion-depression-frustration-physical anomalies-cravings' which occur before her arrival...
enough of stupid cryptic language...I HATE PMS.
i think i hate it more than most men do.


they all think that women use it as an excuse to get away with acting up. I don't know most women but am speaking for myself, if i knew i way to avoid i would most certainly do. coz it causes me to be temperamental, fussy, sensitive, judgmental & whole lot of other uncool things which i dont like to be. its either i go on a verbal diarrhea or i have nothing to say. grrrrrrr!

worst part is, it affects the people i'm closest with like family, bestfriends, housemates. the thing is like everyone else, they have their flaws & peculiar habits which makes them the person they are & when i'm pms'ing my tolerance for that is so much lower when at other times i'm insignificantly affected.sigggghhhhhh

that aside,
pms also causes severe confusion.confusion over life & its directions, our principles, our significant others. we end up having so much of questions & since this questions dont have answers *or at least not at the moment* we get more annoyed, upset & angry.

there is the crying, bloating, abnormal sense of fullness of certain body parts * not in reference to the food in ramdan bazaar* & back aches.

i admire girls who can handle all of it, some are just plain lucky coz they dont get any of the 'symptoms' while others are just awesome-ly lasak. But wusses like me, we are flawed. bear with us as we do with you.

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