Monday, May 7, 2012

note to self

thirukural =)

Anbirkum Undor Aazhaikkum Thaazh
Aarvalar Pun Kanneer Poosal Tharum

[Affection cannot be confined by shutters;
Uncontrollable tears will roll down spontaneously when one sees the sufferings of loved ones]

Anbillaar Elaam Thamakkuriyar Anbudaiyaar
Enbum Uriyar Pirarkku

[One who doesn't love is possessive about everything;
One who loves would even be willing to part their bones]

Pulambal Enasendren Pullinen Nenjam
Kalathal Uruvathu Kandu

[i was complaining i lost life till i found it in you] (?)

ps.need to get hold on the complete book with translation of course =)

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