Sunday, April 29, 2012

fun and mishaps

yesterday was definitely a good night and when the DJ played 'give me everything tonight' all of us were on the floor working up sweat to the beat *i personally feel its a corny song but hey it was acceptable that night* final prom, the prospects of working, moving away from familiar faces and places, earning one's keep, being independent in the big bad world does get one a lil dewy eyed but then we will not let it stop us from letting our hair down and having was all the more reason for us to do so =) if not now, when would a lil less than 2weeks we would be freaking out for finals and then the curtain closes.

to friends which feel like family, what could i say anything more than what i have said before? we have had our ups and downs, quarrels and cold wars but nothing negative ever lasts all that long for we know that we love each other and that is what matters. mishaps will happen but will only make the bond we share stronger..<3
much love!

ps. falling down and getting hurt, losing voice, and impending assignments will not dampen my spirits! XD

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