Thursday, May 24, 2012

half knowledge, concerns, stigmas, paranoia, and sex

it all started with the lil furry guy stuck in the room opposite mine and me being adamant of not letting him out till i left for home in ipoh on friday. poor guy died on saturday when my friends decided to capture him, instead of being caught and released to the wild he was given a burial at my porch with flowers and moment of silence honoring his death due to heat and starvation. i should have had more guts, could have attempted in his catch or release or at least braved myself to leave outside the door. i did neither out of fear and stigma and self importance =( #mistake1

during this course of time i managed to injure myself twice so i had 2 open cuts which i did not bother giving much attention as there were other pressing matters to worry bout like viva and the usuals. both this open cuts were sufficiently large but me being me did not bother even to the one on my sole #mistake2

when i was back home for the weekend, everyone was ill due to some nasty bug and i left home thinking 'that was a close one' mistake#3

so after all that mistakes on my part, i fell sick started with sore throat, fever at night with chills and bodyache...dismissing it as the bug from home, i carried on till thursday night when there pressure points of my feet and hands were painful with the slightest pressure. i was burning up, restless, itchy especially on my scalp with what felt like lil bumps on 'em and what freaked me out was the lil vesicles on my face which looked like chicken pox.

at the physician's, he had the same concerns as mine but looking at my hand and feet he said it might be HFMD (hand foot mouth disease) so he prescribed me with acyclovir and i was all set for prash's bday party after the lukewarm one we had for him the night before by the forward toyesterday and i had to return back to sp for my dental appointment.

my soon to be a dentist is a 3rd year student, great guy who puts in a lot effort in his work, i before the session, i was having a bug and he might wanna use double gloves which he did. at the end of session, he wanted to have a word and told me the injury near mouth looks very much like herpes..jeng jeng jeng!i told him i was on acyclovir and think it should be it sufficient. now he planted the second seed of paranoia, the first was planted by a another friend, who is final year medical student who saw me after some time gave me the usual hug and kiss pleasantries.while talking she noticed the marks on my fingers and she exclaimed HFMD and i told her it is okay, m on acyclovir. she had to insist it was herpes coz i was on acyclovir.

now, we finally get to the bit of half soon to be dentist friend has just learned contagious diseases and was applying his knowledge. we all remember the nastiest disease the best coz they are nastiest and since most of the infections have similar clinical presentations our mind's will jump quick into conclusion to the worst possible outcomes coz that is how we are tuned, to think of the worst! the thing bout diagnosis is, it is actually a guessing game and one would get it right with sufficient knowledge and experience.

my other friend, she is a perfect example of doctors who match up diseases with the medicines. herpes occurs either orally or genitally or how dr.rajesh explained 'waist up or waist down' coz the organism which infects are 2 types, and one affects one region only. she also failed to look into the history taking which resulted in the prescription of medication, suspected chicken pox. and then as most doctors, she only fixes one drug for a disease coz that makes her job easier but i study drugs and i know acyclovir has well a number of uses apart from HSV.

what im trying to get to is there was so many reasons that i could have fallen sick for and one of it could have  been someone who prepard my food didnt wash hand properly after poo2, and that person might have just been me! so there incidence of me falling sick could have been due to all the reasons above and not sex. but hey, we get so titillated about it that we want it to have something to do with everything we do =/

my friends had good intentions but half knowledge's suck..there times when it is better than no knowledge but at times just hold ur tongue coz it causes needless paranoia and awkward moments.

this rationale thinking, did not happen at that takes time and sleep.
and to the one who matters, if ur reading this, im not sure when u would though...we didnt give each other anything except a good time and laughs. so call 

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