Monday, October 8, 2012

mid morning breakfast blues..

the only stuff edible at home are instant noodles and wholemeal bread with coffee. i wake up in the morning solely for my cuppa and my couple of slices of bread with butter. today however, the butter was missing..gone! not in the fridge, not on the kitchen counter, not on the dining table, not underneath the sofa or the cushions, i looked everywhere and was mentally yelling at my dad in case if he threw it away *my dad is completely capable of doing such crimes under the ploy of healthy eating..bah!* healthy instant noodles,my foot! when i realized the butter was truly gone and i was penniless, i lost all motivation to live..the only thing which kept me going was to chastise my dad when he comes home for lunch break. and when i did, his response was 'u cleared the kitchen,kan..maybe u accidentally threw it away' he said nonchalantly. then it all made sense, i'm slowly but surely self senju'ing myself into losing all motivation to wake up...oh well, at least there's loads of coffee at home =)

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