Monday, October 1, 2012

emotions are exhaustive

Today marks the first year anniversary of 2 events, the death of a friend and the day I met another.

I had no idea then how much it would have changed and did not change about my life. The retention of our memories are strongly influenced by our emotions at that particular time and I clearly remember how incapable I was to think beyond my grief, pain, loss and regrets.

My mind was stuck in a loop of memories of him, good memories which made me weep and bad ones which I would have done anything to undone and make better. 'If only' was so highly overused at that time.

He was not conventional nice, he picked on me, made me see my flaws,laughed at me when i was wrong and begrudgingly patted my back when i proved him wrong. I miss Vinod for many things but mostly for the not-so-nice ones which I would be annoyed of him when he was around, things that he insisted his friends would miss him for.

His passing made me realize little truths of life, made me promise to a number of things which I sometimes I don't keep up to although when memories of him hit home, I try a lil harder.

A year has passed and I feel now I remember Vinod the way he would have wanted to be remembered, not the sappy corny mushy sad stuff but him for he was and what is missing when is he no longer around.

nod, over the year i did a bunch of things u always nagged me bout with some help from a new friend. ;)

i can drive now =)

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