Tuesday, July 5, 2011


a couple of friends of mine were talking the other day, on all the things they wanna achieve by their age of 30 or 40. they were all such grand, wonderful dreams...jet setting, fancy cars, beautiful homes *blissfully married with affairs*, a satisfying career & lots of money =)

that got me into thinking, do i have any long term goal, or plan of somesort...something that i need get done by a certain age...i have none =(. most of my girlfriends dream of marriage,weddings and family while the boys dream of the high life and they are all working towards it.

i know that i want to be happy and free. i wanna spend my days being satisfied with whatever i am doing. i could hardly ever say, i want to be a successful, caliber pharmacist because to be honest i am not sure. i gain satisfaction in helping people and i hope that this profession will allow me to do just that.

and all this thoughts got me wishing to complete final year without any hitch & my posting will be somewhere in East Malaysia. its impractical and very self absorbed maybe but its something that would be for the best at least for the time being.

why east malaysia?coz its FAR!! and it would be a new adventure with new people =) well..at least there's a plan for now =)

ps. i always have the urge to be knight in shining armor & to the one it matters, take my hand & i`ll make it all go away..i promise.

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  1. I am already 36 and I think I can relate to this entry ;)

    Dream while you can ;)