Sunday, March 6, 2011

love puns intended =)

a night of no sleep would usually spell out some amount confusion but today was different =)
i guess it was due to the beautiful early morning darshan that i had of the sun...
what a sight it orange ball of fire lighting up the horizon when the half of the sky was still dreamy with mist...

first stop was at the Amanjaya bus stop where Sha dropped me & i got on the city liner...i got off one stop away from the bank which resulted in a slightly longer walk but i wasn't complaining since it was still early morning n my path was shaded by trees. i knew i was far too early for the bank but i wanted to make sure what time does it open..since i had an hour to kill i decided to get some breakfast...the neighboring shop only starts operating at lunch hours but she said she'll get me a drink. while she was it, i was making funny faces at her little baby boy who was amused by me.

with my coffee in hand, i had an early morning phone call from melly who always makes my day =) i waited a little while longer for the bank to open...they were having a crazy morning coz the thunderstorm the previous night screwed their cables n the system was offline so i spend my tim winking at another baby boy *his mummy found me annoying though* but i still i got my issue sorted out & i have a new card now..yay!!

next stop was get some goodies which i failed to find =( so i had head to village mall where i found some lovelies...hehehe ;) ps. ruscoe, faceshop & the lingerie section has sale for limited time only...;) im so tempted to go there make some more purchases since there's a really nice aunty who offered me to give me her discount card..yipppeee! =p

while i was waiting for the bus...i was honked at repeatedly =.=
this happens to almost every female who is by the curb or road walking or waiting...its sad really...
why do u honk??
why?to say that we're pretty?to say that u noticed us?honestly..under the blazing sun & heat do you really think we care?
i mean...if u want to show ur a man...come up to us & offer us ride. whether we accept or we dont is another matter all together...but stop being a leering,juvenile brat & try being a man...STOP HONKING!!

so nyway...the bus finally came after almost an hour later. i was relieved for the air conditioning & enclosed space *sans honking* =) reaching campus, i asked the bus driver to stop me nearer to the front gate he refused saying its against traffic rules but when i was about to pay he refused payment and said it was on him...awwwwwwwwwwww =D
thank you,bus driver uncle ;)

aimsters would know that from the campus main gate to the hostels it is quite a i was walking slowly and there could have been almost 10 cars who whooshed past me TOWARDS campus but none stopped..i almost gave up when the one of the female warden's offered me a ride on her bike!! =)

before reaching hostel, i saw a tired teary eyed junior & i gave him my chocolate ration of the day...i dont know what was his problem but at least he has some chocolates now =)

if anyone does ya a good deed,just pass it on & keep the circle going on =) i did mine & m a happy child =))


  1. this is why i love you...because you for real in a world full of plastic...

  2. a good deed never goes uncounted. =)

  3. thanks man..
    i like reading ur works but i could never find a way to comment on them..
    excuse my lack of aptness but yeah...nice work =)
    & good luck with the thesis =)